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Buying in Westport

So, you've decided to move to Westport.  Like the majority of homebuyers, you are using the Internet to help you find for your new home.  The truth is, there are hundreds of sites that will allow you to search for homes, currently on the market.  Some of the sites are prettier than others, but essentially they all do the same thing.  You put in your desired market area and some parameters, and the listings will appear.  If that is all you're looking to do, please go to Search MLS/IDX and review current listings.

But, buying a home is about more than simply choosing the right house.

When you purchase a home, you are making a lifestyle decision.  You are choosing the community in which you will live.  Across the pages of this website, I have tried to give you a "flavor" of Westport.  To find out more about local resources, neighborhoods, schools, restaurants, parks, recreation and entertainment, take some time to peruse the pictures, review the market statistics and make use of the links. 

At the same time, you can't ignore the "nitty-gritty" of making one of the major purchases of your lifetime.  Determining how much you can afford, negotiating the best price, obtaining a mortgage, understanding closing costs and preparing for your move, are some of the major steps involoved in the process. 

Please feel free to take a look at the buyer's toolkit and free reports that I have made available.  The real estate market in Westport is certainly volatile, and all of the information about buying a home can be overwhelming.  I can help.

Buyers01.jpgWhen you're ready to act, contact me.

I fight on behalf of my buyers.
I negotiate the absolute best price.
I stay with you from search thru offer, negotiation, closing and beyond.
I work to make your transaction as smooth as possible.

I look forward to working with you.

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