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 Greens Farms


In 1648, a group of farmers from Fairfield acquired land from the Machamux Indians.  Thomas Newton, Henry Gray, John Green, initially settled the area, followed by Daniel Frost and Frances Andrews.  For two decades these five original settlers were known as the “Bankside Farmers.”  John Green became the largest landholder and by 1699 his holdings were referred to as Green’s Farms.  In 1666 the original agreement of 1648 was formally sealed, and West Parish was recognized.


Connecticut was a congregational colony, requiring residents to attend church a few times each week.  Many towns were initially formed as Parishes, allowing farmers to avoid long travel to attend church.  In 1708, the settlers petitioned to become a separate Parish with their own church.  Greens Farms Church was founded in 1711, though it still belonged to Fairfield.  By 1732, the area of West Parish was officially named Greens Farms.


Following the Revolutionary War, the Village of Saugatuck began to grow and in the early 1830’s, the villagers applied to the Connecticut General Assembly to incorporate Westport, as a town.  In 1835, the charter was granted and Westport was founded, comprised of sections of Norwalk, Fairfield and Weston.  The residents of Greens Farms, however, chose to remain part of Fairfield, taking a wait and see attitude as to how the new town would fare.  It was not until 1842, that Greens Farms was incorporated into the Town of Westport.


In 1847, the New York and New Haven Railroad built the first Westport train station, in Saugatuck.  The following year, the trains began to run.  Greens Farms Station was built in 1869 and today remains the oldest station, on the line.  The spirit of independence upon which Greens Farms was founded, remains today.  In addition to their own train station, residents of Greens Farms have their own Post Office with separate zip code.


Early Westport was a farming and shipping town, with mills and factories added to the landscape, by the end of the 19th century.  1910 brought the beginning of the cultural ambience, of which Westport is nationally known today, when artists discovered the town.  Among the past and present famous residents who chose to live in Greens Farms are: Jason Robards, Imus, Martha Stewart, Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue.







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